1. Who do we take fishing?
Beginners to experts

This might be the first time you’ve ever held a fishing rod or you could have many years of experience – either way, we’ll make sure your day on the water is an unforgettable one.

Overseas tourists

Explore our beautiful coastal waters and offshore islands with an experienced fishing guide. We’ll show you the best fishing spots this stunning region has to offer.
Groups and charters

Our fishing trips are a great idea for corporate functions, team building days, Christmas parties, stag do’s, hen’s parties or birthday celebrations.

2. What type of fishing do we do?
Choose from the following types of fishing:

Reef fishing

If you want to catch fresh tarakihi or snapper, then this is the option for you. We’re lucky to have so many natural reefs in the Bay of Plenty but it is not just luck, success depends on having an experienced skipper on board. We know which reefs to target on any given day so sit back, relax, and we will organise the day for you, while you enjoy the experience of fishing.

View the reef fish species we commonly catch.

Hapuka fishing   

Catching a large, powerful fish like bass or hapuka will get your heart racing! We’ll take you out over deep water and give you any help and advice you may need to land these great tasting fish. Please note hapuka fishing requires physical strength and is not suitable for children.

View the fish species we commonly catch whilst tracking down hapuka.

King fishing  

Pulling in an elusive and poweful King Fish is the ultimate experience.

Note: You'll need to provide your own fishing gear for king fishing. 

3. Where do we go fishing?
Our fishing locations
  • We know thousands of great fishing spots around the Bay of Plenty but our motto is ‘travel less, fish more’. 
  • You can expect to start fishing between 30 minutes and 1 hour after we leave the harbour entrance. 
  • Our skippers (will) know the best places to take you on the day depending on the current and wind conditions and their recent experiences. 
Where we leave from

We depart from the Tauranga Bridge Marina, 101 Awanui Drive which is on the Mount Maunganui side of the Tauranga Harbour Bridge (view google map)
Ratahi is on Pier B54
Te Kuia is on Pier B52

4. How long are our fishing trips?  
Half Day and Full day

The majority of our fishing trips are full day (8am - 4pm) although we may be able to offer half day trips upon request.

Twilight and overnight

Looking for something different? We also offer evening fishing trips (4:30pm – 9:30pm), or overnight adventures (6pm until 5pm following day).

Two day excursions to Tuhua

Ever popular two day trips from 7 am until 5 pm the following day for up to 10 people

5. Who are Blue Ocean Charters?  
Our skippers 

Our experienced skippers are all keen fishermen who have spent their entire lives fishing and diving, particularly around the Bay of Plenty.. They’ll ensure you have the best day possible! 

Learn more about our crew on our about us page
Our boats 

We have 2 fishing boats: 
  1. Te Kuia (16m) – built of solid kauri with extensive seating, large back cabin, galley and BBQ. She is used for day reef fishing trips and charter groups. Can cater for 30 people fishing at a time. 
  2. Ratahi (15m) – built in 1938, this historic charter boat combines old-fashioned charm with a practical layout and plenty of seating. Suited for groups of up to 25 people.
 View our about us page for more info and pictures of our boats

6. What should I bring?
BYO fishing gear

Reef Fishing - what you'll need
  • Boat rod & reel (eg 4/0)
  • Line 15-24 kg (at least 120 metres)
  • Hooks (No. 1/0 to 4/0)
  • Sack or Chilly bin for fish
  • Ice
  • Filleting knife
  • Plastic bags for your fish
  • Old towel
  • Sunscreen
Hapuka Fishing (in addition to the items above)
  • Heavy duty rod & reel (6/0 to 9/0)
  • At least 500m hard low stretch line (15-24kg)
  • Sinkers 320z
  • Hooks (No. 15 Tuna circle)
  • Squid, Mackerel lures
  • Trolling lures
  • Gimbal belt
  • Sleeping bag, pillow & toiletries (if staying overnight)
  • Music CDs
Hire our gear

We have everything you need available for hire:
  • Reef fishing hire - $25 (includes your first lot of terminal tackle; trace, hooks and sinker)
  • Hapuka fishing hire - $30 rod charge plus $25 tackle charge
Replacement tackle is also available on board (but hopefully you don't need it!)
  • Terminal tackle for reef fishing $5 (trace, hooks and sinker)
  • Terminal tackle for hapuka fishing $25 (trace, hooks and sinker)

Bait can be purchased on board or you’re welcome to bring your own.
  • Bait $10 or $15 (squid pack)
Food and clothing

Bring your own food. Tea and coffee are provided free of charge.

Bring a warm jacket, hat and sunblock. White soft soled shoes are your best bet. No high heels or black gumboots please, and jandals or bare feet are at your own risk.

Health and safety

Safety is a high priority for us, we also reserve the right to refuse anyone on board who arrives in an intoxicated state. No refund will be given.

7. Frequently asked questions
How many people will I be fishing with?

You can expect from 9 to 24 other people to join you on board.

What if we don't have enough people?

We need at least 10 people for each day trip. We’ll let you know the night before if we don’t have enough and try to reschedule for the following day or another time that suits you. For this reason, having a mobile phone we can contact you on is important.
What if the weather is poor?

We want you to enjoy fishing, not be seasick, so we constantly assess the weather and generally won’t go out in 25 knots or more. If your trip is cancelled because of bad weather an alternative booking or full refund will be offered.

What if I get seasick?

Here are some tips:
  • Take a homeopathic remedy like Travel-Med or a pharmacy medication like Sea Legs or Marzine (Note: any pharmacy meds need to be taken the night before travel)
  • Eat an easy to digest breakfast (not muesli)
  • Drink only half your normal cup of tea prior to leaving. Avoid coffee or alcohol
  • Lean on something while at sea. Don’t try to balance yourself
  • Look at the horizon not the movement of the boat
  • Eat ginger snacks like gingernuts or crystalised ginger
  • Drink very little until you are on the way home, sip ginger beer or ginger ale
  • Keep busy with fishing or ask the skipper if you can drive the boat
Do you have wheelchair access?


Can we bring our own alcohol?

Yes you can in moderation, and we have a big chilly bin available (please bring your own ice) 

Do you have a toilet on board?


8. How do I book?
Request a booking online or phone 0800 224 278 to schedule your fishing trip.

Cancellation policy

If your trip is cancelled because of bad weather or mechanical problems an alternative booking or full refund will be offered. Cancellation will be solely at Blue Ocean Charters discretion.
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